Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adopted: The Movie

get yourself a bucket, sit back, and listen to this asshole AP squeal with laughter and delight over the event in which a woman will soon  experience the loss of her baby, and that baby of her mother:

now that's something to be proud of and excited about, JACQUI.

obviously, i think this flick is a MUST-see. jennifer fero rips my heart to absolute shreds every single time i watch this.

"you only got her because she was abandoned."


  1. "Enough."

    That part really bothered me. One thing people usually want is just to be listened to and understood.

  2. sorry but there are great chances she was not abandonded. If you listen to the fees, there is great motivation for the social workers to LIE to the moms. I was told if i didn't surrender, i would not be allowed to see my baby (they would take her away that day). Believe me, baby brokers have an arsonal of lies for a single expectant mother! There was not one truth they told me!

  3. i agree with you on most points, but i've been to china and seen how it can be there. abandonment isn't that unusual. i'm not saying it's ok, i'm just saying it's not uncommon.

  4. This movie tore me to pieces...and I recommend it.

  5. What about those left behind? For the $30,000 to $50,000 it costs to buy just one baby from a foreign country, and bring it away from its people, culture and community, we could build a school, orphanage, clinic, hospital, etc. to help *all* the children.