Saturday, July 7, 2012


so i started a new medication about a month ago.  my friend said, "you know that's going to make you gain weight, right?"  no, i don't KNOW it's going to make me gain weight.  everyone is different.  some people have side effects, some people don't.  surely i would be one of the people who don't gain weight.

well, i gained weight.  like 5 pounds, which shows itself on me like a big tatoo across my face.  at first, it made me feel completley terrible.  i felt like a failure for some reason, and i hadn't even done anything wrong.  i was simply taking the medicine as prescribed.

i was struggling a little bit with the fact that i had these extra pounds that i resented like crazy, but at the same time, i was feeling SOOOO good.  better than i had in years.  nothing over the top, just feeling very steady and happy.

finally, it occurred to me that my happiness doesn't have to be attached to how much i weigh.  5 more pounds doesn't make me a bad person.  in fact, i'm a better person than i've been in a long time.

so screw you, extra padding.  i WIN!!!!!!!!!!!