Friday, February 4, 2011


i just thought to write this post as i saw the name "sarah" on TV.

"sarah" was my 3rd name. 

first i was catherine ann, then i was virginia, then i was sarah, then i was jenny, then i was jeni.

ahhhh, the beauty foster care and adoption.  so heartwarming.  so "real".  so genuine. 

maybe my wonderful sense of humor is a result of such nurture, not nature.

pisses me off.


  1. i was told that my daughter was going straight from me to her Mom, Kay. my mother told me that & the adoption agent told me also, repeatedly.. because it freaked me out that she might not bond with Kay. i guess since it was so easy for my parents to take my daughter from me, it was also easy for them to lie about where she really went. she went to foster care for 6 weeks. i didn't know this until the day i found her 25 years later. i named her the door of the hospital, as i was leaving, the adoption agency whispered to me "they're changing her name to Meghan Annette." why? because they knew i was gonna search for her, i guess. anyway, her parents named her Hannah Margretta (which i love) but, her foster parents, though they were supposed to have been awesome people, named her Mary Christa...because they got her right before Christmas. that runs all over me & i wish i never knew it.

  2. SO glad "you're back"! BTW...I love your wonderful sense of humor! :)