Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the nail lady: having babies

me: "hey tracy, how's life??"

t: "lye good.  kid in skooo, me like."

me: "hmmm.  speaking of kids.....you know i want a baby.  i'm thinking about starting to try in the next 9 - 12 months or so."

t: "baby lot of work.  you ready?  you scare??"

me: "i don't know that anyone is ever REALLY ready....i mean there's all that second guessing about whether you can be a good enough parent, if you have all the answers, if you're good enough, whether you'll make mistakes......worrying about the right choices for this little human being....it's so much to think about....so much responsibility, do i have enough money?  do i have the right temperament?  do i have the patience?  i mean, i LOVE kids so much....i'm just obsessing every.single.night. about whether i will be a good enough mother....so many nerves, so much apprehension, it never goes away...."

t: "i no talk about dat.  i talk about delivery.  it lye someone shot you in the lady parts with a .45 caliber.  you ready for dat?????"

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